Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) helps parents and school staff create and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment.
Our Mission-
It is the mission of the Dewar Elementary School PBIS team to foster and promote a safe and positive environment that enhances student learning.  It is our goal to help each child reach their greatest potential by teaching them the skills needed to become  productive and cooperative members of society.

Positive Behavior is all about...
  • Approaching discipline in a positive way
  • Paying more attention to the POSITIVE behaviors than the negative
  • Making the school behavioral expectations visible and well-known throughout the school
  • Teaching and modeling the expected student behaviors
  • Discipline implemented consistently
  • Student behavior monitored and staff receive regular feedback

Viking Vouchers!
The Viking Voucher is the main reward token used by PBIS.  
Students are to keep these in a safe place until they are ready to 
shop on the PRIDE cart!  Vouchers can also be saved to buy a 
ticket to the VIP parties that are held at the end of each nine weeks.
Viking Voucher
Viking Pride  
  • Positive
  • Respect
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Dependable
  • Effort
 Name________________________ Teacher Initials/Date____________________
How do we issue Viking Vouchers?
Teachers can give any student a voucher who is exhibiting Positive Behavior.
Students can receive vouchers on the bus, car rider area, in the lunchroom, the hallways and the classroom.

Viking Voucher Reward Menu 
 VIP Party (Viking Incentive Party)
(A designated party every 9 weeks)
 15 VV
 Front Office Assistant Pass
10 VV 
 Teacher's Aid 10 VV
 Book Buddy (for another grade level)10 VV 
 Private lunch with a friend. 10 VV
 Sit anywhere in the class5 VV 
 Hat Day Pass5 VV 
 Homework Pass5 VV 
 Raffle Tickets2 VV 
 Viking PRIDE cart
(Cart will come around weekly)
 VV amounts will vary
VIP Party Schedule
 1st Nine WeeksMonster Mash Bash 
 2nd Nine WeeksWinter Olympics 
 3rd Nine WeeksTBA 
 4th Nine WeeksTBA 
*Party participation is subject to administrative discretion.